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Making Of Cinekinetik Fractured Piano for SampleTank

Making Of Cinekinetik Fractured Piano for SampleTank - - Part of the Cinekinetik Collection for SampleTank, Fractured Piano is a library of altered and "prepared piano" keyboard sounds. Designed to stir emotion and build tension, it features sci-fi and cosmic sounds, action-driven percussive sounds and acid keys, along with dystopian harpsichords and other imaginary or futuristic sounds. The library was recorded and produced by Filippo Gaetani and Florian Weixelbaumer in the style of the groundbreaking avant-garde John Cage techniques, performed on a beautiful Bösendorfer grand piano recorded at their studio in Vienna, Austria. - Cinekinetik combines 4 unique SampleTank sound libraries, each created to conjure a sense of wonder, mystery or suspense in the listener's mind. Though available separately, together these libraries offer significant savings and a well of inspiration to energize any composer's work with fresh, evocative textures and sound. About Cinekinetik Collection for SampleTank: - Contains Shipwreck Piano, Fractured Piano, Malletopia and Malletension - Over 20 GB of deeply sampled original instruments and 250 presets - Shipwreck Piano and Malletopia include vintage hardware reverbs to explore - Ideal for adding energy, tension, mystery or suspense to any composition - Works with all versions of SampleTank 4, including free SampleTank 4 CS #samplelibrary #sampletank #soundlibrary #sampler #cinematic #sounddesign #fracturedpiano #piano
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