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"Fashioned from shape-shifting arrangements, densely packed with explosive virtuoso performances, and illustrated with the eye-popping graphics of its psychedelic video, It Scares Me whisks you off on a high-velocity joyride to the edge of the universe and back in five incredible minutes. And like any great ride, you’ll want to go again as soon as it’s over."
Darryl Sterdan-Tinnitist - Feb 23rd 2022


SheLoom drop a dollop of sweet ’70s piano-pop with their killer new single and video. Scaring All The Bees creates a nostalgic buzz with its vintage sonics, style and songcraft — and stings you right between the eyes with a set of poetic, oddly surreal lyrics that keep you guessing." Tinnitist


"..with such a hazy, shoegaze-inspired alternative pop sound that is both well-produced and eclectic we just couldn’t say no" Music For The Misfits - Feb 2021


Kevin Bronson -

"...The trio call their new album “The Baron of the Fjord” filmic, and it’s not false advertising. A sprawling, occasionally mesmerizing beast, it orbits the prog-pop and orchestral rock worlds…” Buzzbands, Feb 2016




"If you are young and your soul is put together right, good music should scare you a little. I’m still scared by this one.” - read everything on

MAGNET MAGAZINE about SheLoom being part of the "To Love The Bee Gees , A Tribute To The Brothers Gibb"

Magnet Mag, Feb 2015




The second cross-continent collaboration by Blinker the Star singer Jordon Zadorozny, and Italian prog rocker Filippo Gaetani includes an important new member, chamber pop star Erik Matthews. This a beautiful dense album that you should check out if you haven't heard it. Spectacular.

Popfair, Jan 2017


Allmusic review by Matt Collar






Q-Bizm / Corduroy Shorts – CD-Review | RockTimes

"the band gains a considerable recognition value through their casual elegance and the extraordinary mix of styles..."

Rocktimes, Sept 2020



“Black Truck” by Q-bizm has the Swagger and Cool of a Song Opening a Guy Ritchie Film

“Q-bizm’s “Black Truck” sounds like something that should launch the opening scene of a Guy Ritchie movie…”

Queen City Music Arts (Denver), Jan 2020



Q-bizm 'Black Truck' : Calming emotions on this journey of journeys.

“Twisted into a evaporation of aura and absolution, ‘Black Truck’ delivers with wit and calamitous inquisitiveness that defy gravity.”

Comeherefloyd, Feb 2020





Indie Band GuruRussell Morgan LP "Begin Simple" is Layered and Complex

…”What do jazz, blues, soul, and folk have in common? The answer is simple: Russell Morgan. Hailing from England, the singer-songwriter’s latest album, Begin Simple, is a simple medley of all of these genres, and then some. While the phrase “simple medley” may sound a bit odd, there really isn’t any other way to describe Morgan’s sound.

...What Russell Morgan manages to do in Begin Simple is something of great difficulty: he brings together a range of musical elements that are individually straightforward, but when put together create an entirely new thought process. “The idea was to get out of the box,” said Morgan, “[to create] new dimensions within these stories…”

Indie Band Guru, June 2016



Norman Darwen (Blues matters review issue 64) (no link available)

…”Russell has an eclectic list of influences, from acoustic ace John Martyn to jazz legend John Coltrane, and the songs here are equally diverse, from folky ditties like the opener and the Mississippi blues-inflected title track to the hard blues-rocking, heavy riffing, psychedelia-tinged ‘Push It Up’.” Norman Darwen (Blues Matters Review no. 64)




…”The opener Hunter’s Sketches kicks off the album with a strident, rock inspired, pumping track which doesn’t so much set the tone as it’s followed by the more mellow, Mic Christopher sounding Sacred Place which is quite radio ready…”


…”I can’t help but draw comparisons to Mic Christopher with this album, albeit a lot more polished. Overall this is a beautifully crafted album, with stunning instrumentation throughout which serves as a backdrop to Peter’s wonderfully emotive vocals.”

Ciarán Reinhardt for Pop Culture Review, no date availabe

"...eclectic batch of songs that mingles folk, alt-country and sonic rock in one heady mixture. Opener ‘Perfumed Letter’ channels Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ with great aplomb. ‘Julia’ and ‘Kicking and Screaming’ showcase a voice located somewhere on the spectrum between David Gray and Ray Lamontagne"

Shane Leahy,


…”The songs, meanwhile, vary in texture and approach, from the mid-tempo pop of ‘Perfumed Letter’ to the plaintive, chiming ‘Julia’ via full blown rocker ‘Out Of Here’. Doran’s appealing voice, which can hit an impressively high register, lies between Damien Rice and Glen Hansard. His songwriting approach is not dissimilar either. With ‘Falling Trees’, the album’s memorable closer, a particular highlight, this is an impressive outing"

Colm O'Hare, Hotpress Magazine



…”Hauntingly Beautiful! One of the most hauntingly beautiful collections of music I've heard in years. Malina's voice is mesmerizing with terrific clarity and range. The music is well written and arranged with the flow of a gently flowing river. This cd is a must-have for the serious listener.” Alan Want




“Probably one of the most gifted musicians in Austria. Probably because he puts his whole heart into everything he does. When you hear his new album, you would almost think that another musician would let off steam here. But Tracks for My Keyboards is through and through by the pianist, cellist and songwriter Martin Klein. It is probably his weirdest, funniest and most experimental work to date.”

FM4 Radio



“Martin’s music is just beautiful and inspiring and NYCROPHONE decided to feature a few of his tracks to show our music lovers out there that the German language CAN sound poetic and soft. If you love the piano and captivating melodies, definitely familiarize yourself with his music!”

Nycrophone New York



“Listening to Martin Klein alone- just the one man and one piano- is an extraordinary experience, a thrilling sense of participation on the innermost thoughts of a creative musician. The singer-songwriter and piano player has progressed from being an insider-tip to a small institution, since he has been playing solo shows in Vienna just with an old keyboard and his powerful voice. Endlessly inventive, no two plays of him ever seem quite the same. From broken rhythms to beautiful piano chords he has carved out a sophisticated niche of his very own. Martin Klein has a natural gift to tell a story through his music and his spectrum of vocal ability amazes.”




The pace seems to remain serene for the start of Indifference, but don’t be fooled as it slowly builds into another barrage of rock with Jessie’s voice nothing short of stunning. The story within the lyrics unfolds and the intensity increases. The incredible sound of the amazing Superhand emanates throughout this stunning EP.

Paul-Scott Bates reviews, September 2015

Jessie Grace's EP, 'Asleep On The Good Foot' came to me as the finished article as far as the studio was concerned but it's that new that I don't have any details at all about this amazing new talent - no artwork, no biog, no nothin'! So, maybe not a bad thing, I'll just let the music tell the story! And, what a story! 'Asleep On The Good Foot' really is the musical equivalent of a 'page turner' - unputdownable, all chills and thrills, eight small chapters in a real thriller that excites and entices as it soothes and caresses. Great work, great musician, great EP!, 2009

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