Songwriter/producer Filippo Gaetani and former Blinker the Star front person Jordon Zadorozny formed transatlantic pop duo SheLoom in 2008. Gaetani, residing in Tuscany, and Zadorozny, living in Canada, met twice at Jordon’s French Kiss Studio in 2009 for whirlwind 10 day sessions. However, the bulk of the album was recorded separately, with files being sent back and forth over the internet.

Their debut album, “Seat Of The Empire” was released 2010 and is now available in glorious, Abbey Road mastered CD Digipack format.

Boasting a filmic, art rock bedrock tempered with elements of new wave, 70’s rock and orch-pop, their debut album has been compared to iconic pop-progressive groups Fleetwood Mac, XTC, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan and Yes.

SheLoom are working on a new album expected in 2013.

Also available on iTunes