Russell Morgan

It is hard not to be impressed with the deep resonant voice of UK folk singer songwriter, Russell Morgan. He has the depth and resonance of Mick Softley with the breathiness of Nick Drake. There are lovely acoustic guitar passages, but some are accompanied by a piano and others are washed out in some dreamy keyboard background. There is some percussion and bass notes at times, but everything is subtle and serves an intriguing base for the rich vocals on top. This works for me.
When picked apart, the individual aspects of the album are able to stand on their own as elementary compositions. However, as each element comes together one begins to realize that they are anything but elementary; every rhythm, beat, and melody is masterfully interwoven within an acoustic backdrop, making the listener realize that this album’s simplicity is far more complex than it first appears to be.
Russell Morgan Creates Deceptively Simple Beauty

Produced by Filippo Gaetani and Russell Morgan at Wilddog studio, Vienna,and at Russ home in Chesire, UK. Mixed by Filippo Gaetani, Mastered by Julian Lowe.