Martin Klein

Listening to Martin Klein alone- just the one man and one piano- is an extraordinary experience, a thrilling sense of participation on the innermost thoughts of a creative musician. The singer-songwriter and piano player has progressed from being an insider-tip to a small institution, since he has been playing solo shows in Vienna just with an old keyboard and his powerful voice. Endlessly inventive, no two plays of him ever seem quite the same. From broken rhythms to beautiful piano chords he has carved out a sophisticated niche of his very own. Martin Klein has a natural gift to tell a story through his music and his spectrum of vocal ability amazes. He doesn’t really seem to care about artistic pigeonholes and expectations.
Born in Innsbruck, Austria, Martin Klein took violin and cello lessons as a young boy.
After founding a string quartet with his sisters at the age of ten, he decided to become a musician. He began to compose his own music and teach himself piano. Later he moved to the Netherlands to drink good beer and to study with the blind pianist Bert van den Brink. After countless jazz and rock performances as a sideman, both in Austria and abroad he set out to sing his own songs.
His widely acclaimed album “Songs For My Piano” earned him invitations to the Salzburg Festival, the TschirgArt Jazzfestival and the Radiokulturhaus Vienna. His songs received extensive airplay on alternative radio stations in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Martin also recently performed in London and he is collaborating with several musicians in the Jazz area. He is also writing and recording for a piano solo release. He lectured at TED Salzburg in 2013.
In 2009 met producer Filippo Gaetani and the two started a recording-production collaboration. “Did I Ever Let You Know” , “Your Heart Has Gone” and “Everything” feature Brian McRae on drums, Filippo Gaetani on bass and guitars. There are plans for a future full length album.