About Us

Rayrecordings is an independent music production label established in 2001 by Producer and Songwriter Filippo Gaetani. Beginning life as a record label in the traditional sense, three albums were officially released under this moniker. The first artists to be released on the young label were New Zealand Songwriter Tessa Drummond and the experimental Jazz-rock collaboration “Q-bizm”.

Over the last decade however, the face of the music industry has changed considerably. Most of the old gate-keepers have given up their posts and many of the barriers to entry have been removed. Record Labels are not the force they once were, and millions of artists are now choosing the independent route for releasing their music.

With the music industry in constant flux, rayrecordings has evolved and adapted accordingly. It has become more of a mobile production company than a record label. In recent years Filippo has been working tirelessly throughout Europe and America as a freelance Producer and Engineer. As a result, the distinctive rayrecordings sound can be heard on numerous releases from a unique family of artists from all over the world.

Every cut from the rayrecordings catalogue, regardless of the scope or genre, meets the dizzying standards insisted upon by Filippo and the artists he works with.

Ray Recordings is also home of the creation of thehobnob.netrecordingfestival.com and Mixpoll