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Russell Morgan – Begin SimpleĀ  – Video

Russell Morgan “Begin Simple”. Album on Bandcamp , iTunes and all major digital stores.


Ballistic – Dreams

(feat. Jay Kila)

Single and Video release dates TBA.

Martin Klein – The Sun

Buy now mp3 or FLAC




SheLoom “The Baron Of The Fjord”. Buy it on Bandcamp or iTunes


Watch the video of the single “America On Fire”

Recording Festival is an incredible opportunity for emerging bands and artists to win 2 weeks free recording at Legendary Grouse Lodge Studio in Ireland, all expenses and airfare paid.

RecFest 2017 submissions now open. Watch the 2015 edition trailer.


New releases:

  • SheLoom
  • Martin Klein
  • Russell Morgan
  • Ballistic

All this and more will be rolled out on rayrecordings.com in the coming months

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